Resumes and Cover Letters that Have Worked

More than 100 resumes and cover letters written by the world’s oldest resume-writing company. Resumes shown helped real people not only change jobs but also transfer their skills and experience to other industries and fields. An indispensable tool in an era of downsizing when research shows that most of us have not one but three distinctly different careers in our working lifetime. Whether you are coming from or moving to the following types of work or industries, you will find helpful examples of resumes and cover letters to blow doors open: accounting and finance, city services, computer operations and MIS systems, construction, entrepreneurs, hospitality industry, industrial engineering, law enforcement, management, medical, technical, news reporting, interior design, social work, sports, teaching, transportation, trade associations, and many, many others.


Real-resumes for Sales

One in a series, this title uses actual resumes and cover letters in order to show sales professionals how to get in the door, maximize salary, close the sale and prospect for new career opportunities.

Job Interviews For Dummies

Deliver a show-stopping interview performance

Does the thought of interviewing for a new job send shivers down your spine? It doesn’t have to! Whether you’re searching for your first job, changing careers, or looking for advancement in your current line of work, Job Interviews For Dummies shows you how to use your skills and experiences to your advantage and land that job.

Following a half-decade characterized by an explosion of economic crises, global expansion, and technological innovation in the job market, today’s job seekers vie for employment in a tough era of new realities where few have gone before. In addition to covering how to prepare for an interview, this updated edition explores the new realities of the job market with scenarios that you can expect to encounter, an updated sample question and answer section, coverage of how you can harness social media in your job search, information on preparing for a Web-based interview, and the best ways to keep your credibility when applying for several jobs at once.

  • Out-prepare the competition
  • Overcome your fear of interviewing
  • Ask smart questions about the job and the employer
  • Give the best answers to make-or-break questions
  • Fit your qualifications to the job’s requirements
  • Dress like an insider
  • Survive personality tests
  • Interview across cultures
  • Evaluate a job offer
  • Negotiate a better salary

Whether you’re fresh from the classroom, a prime-timer over 50, or somewhere in between, Job Interviews For Dummies quickly gets you up to speed on the skills and tools you need to land the job you want.


Real-resumes for Medical Jobs

A key to advancing professionally is to choose the right industry in which to work, and if your interests are in any way medically related, you are fortunate career-wise. The medical field is a fast-growing one, and this targeted resume and cover letter book will help you enter this “land of opportunity” or advance in it. A key is to make sure your resume “talks the lingo” of the medical field. Get the book that can show you how to best express and phrase the concepts you want to communicate. Here’s a book in which you will find resumes with job titles such as these: director of nursing, medical therapist, nurse’s aide, medical doctor (M.D.), nurse practitioner, dental hygienist, cytotechnologist, director of nursing, director of dental surgery, pharmaceutical sales representative, massage therapist, medical administrator, medical supplies coordinator, nursing home administrator, medical office manager, operating room nurse, patient care advocate, orthopedic technician, pharmacy manager, phlebotomist, registered nurse (R.N.), licensed practical nurse (L.P.N.), public health case worker, transcriptionist, veterinary technician, and many more!


Real Resumes for Nursing Jobs

Even within the nursing field, there are a wide variety of positions, and this book shows samples of resumes and cover letters than have worked. This title will be a valuable resource to nursing professionals who seek clinical nursing or administrative positions. Newly minted nurses and newcomers to the field will learn how to show off their clinical rotations to best advantage. Nurses often change fields, too, and the book includes resumes of nurses who have successfully transitioned into pharmaceutical sales and other areas. A ?bonus? of this book is that it includes samples of paperwork involved in getting federal government jobs: specialized resumes and the federal ?resumix? as well as the write-ups for the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) which are often required for government positions. This book will show nurses how to maximize their career potential, get federal nursing positions, and change fields if they want to. (This is the 25th title in PREP’s Real-Resumes Series.)


Real-resumes for Media, Newspaper, Broadcasting & Public Affairs Jobs–

This book will function as a helping hand and lifetime career resource to those who seek media jobs or who want to transition into other fields with a media background. In the resumes in this book you will see jobs such as these: Radio Account Executive, TV Account Executive, Art Director, Book Editor, Book Publisher, Broadcasting Intern, Commercial Photographer, Disc Jockey, Freelance Journalist, Graphic Designer, Morning Talk Show Host, Newspaper Journalist, Classified Advertising Manager, News Photographer, Public Affairs Director, Public Affairs Specialist, Radio & TV Producer, Television Producer, Production Assistant, and many more. All the resumes and cover letters shown were used in real job hunts by real people.


Real-resumes for Police, Law Enforcement & Security Jobs–

Title shows resumes and cover letters of people who wish to enter the police, law enforcement, and security fields. The most effective job hunting strategies are revealed, and there is also a section which discusses how to transfer police, law enforcement, and security skills into other industries. There are more than 100 “real” resumes and cover letters shown as examples, and the purpose of the book is to give models or examples for people to use in creating their own resumes and cover letters designed to obtain employment in security, police, or law enforcement. Resumes shown include those of fireman, policemen, police chief, corrections officer, detective, deputy sheriff, police captain, security guard, personal protection specialist, and many others.


Real-resumes for Restaurant, Food Service & Hotel Jobs–

How do you land a job or advance in the restaurant, food service, and hotel fields? And how do you transition into a new field if all you have is specialized experience in waitressing and food service? This valuable book shows how to communicate skills by showing real resumes that have worked for real people. Nearly every resume is accompanied by a companion cover letter, and the book offers readers advice and insights gained by hundreds of job hunters. Experience shown on the resumes includes Bartender, Waiter, Brewer, Chef, Clinical Dietician, Dining Facility Supervisor, Hotel Manager, Multi-Unit Director of Operations, Restaurant Manager, Shift Leader, Training Manager, Kitchen Manager, Convention Manager, Catering and Banquet Manager, Fast Food Server, Front of the House Manager, and many other jobs. Whether the job hunter is staying in the field or transitioning to new industries, this book will provide career-enriching guidance.


Real-resumes for Retailing, Modeling, Fashion and Beauty Jobs–

Editor Anne McKinneyReviews and ExcerptsJobs in modeling, fashion, the beauty business, and even retailing can be hard to obtain, and transferring experience gained in those fields is not always easy. Here is a valuable guide that shows how to communicate jobs such as Retail Buyer, Merchandise Manager, Customer Service Manager, District Supervisor, Assistant Sales Manager, Model, Store Manager, District Supervisor, Buyer, Assistant Buyer, Sales Representative, and many other jobs. This book will teach you how to communicate like an industry pro!Distinguished by its highly readable samples. – Library Journal1-885288-08-5