Literacy and Young Children

Literacy and Young Childrenpresents current, research-based best practices in the U.S. for supporting young children’s development as readers and writers. From leading figures in early literacy, they demonstrate that scientifically grounded instruction need not be dull, drill-oriented, or one-size-fits-all. Instead, they describe language-rich approaches to engaging with children’s existing levels of knowledge while moving them to more complex literacy understandings.

Topics in this practical book cover:

* the impact of home literacy experiences
* teaching English learners and culturally diverse children
* phonemic awareness and word knowledge for preschoolers
* new uses for communication technologies and informational text
* fluency instruction.

Also addressed are professional development issues, including teacher training practices that support change. Exemplary teaching strategies and activities are clearly depicted and illustrated with samples of student work, providing Pre-K-3 teachers with many useful ideas that can be readily applied in the classroom.


An American Life

No president in this century has achieved such popularity as President Reagan did in his eight years in office. For the first time he tells the story of his public life and private life, in a book which is frank, revealing, and compellingly readable. Photographs.


The Cornerstones to Early Literacy

How can we build a strong literacy foundation for children? This book appreciates that learning and language development start with the play episodes, oral language practices, wordplay activities, print encounters, reading events, and writing experiences that children engage in during the early years of life. Filled with rich language activities, The Cornerstones to Early Literacy shows teachers how to create active learning experiences that are essential to building early literacy. This comprehensive handbook is organized around the following topics: Play Experiences – Understanding the early stages of learning and all aspects of the play-literacy connection ; Oral Language – Supporting opportunities for child talk with suggested conversation starters and events that involve personal timelines and storytelling ; Language Awareness and Word Play – Creating a balanced approach to language learning using games and activities that involve literature, music, choral speaking, sound games, and more ; Print Encounters – Discovering, reproducing, and creating all forms of environmental print ; Reading Events – Integrating read-aloud and shared book experiences with proven strategies for supporting and observing young readers ; Writing Experiences – Identifying early writing characteristics and techniques for moving children along in their writing.


Learning to Learn

This remarkable book shows teachers how to share the secrets of learning with students.

Using straightforward language, Learning to Learn presents an interesting, systematic, and flexible approach to the key components needed for success in and out of the classroom. New and effective skills to help students work and study are presented along with activities to guide them towards developing better work habits.

The book is organized around seven major factors that are essential to effective student learning and success:

  • time management;
  • notemaking;
  • library and research skills;
  • reading strategies;
  • learning techniques;
  • essay writing;
  • preparing for and writing exams.

Each of the seven units includes practical teaching suggestions–how to introduce or present each activity, the estimated amount of class time required, possible discussion questions, and additional related activities. All student activity pages are in an easy-to-copy format that saves time.


Literacy in America

The definitive encyclopedic resource on literacy, literacy instruction, and literacy assessment in the United States.

* 400 A–Z entries cover assessment, instruction, and general literary topics

* Includes literary resources and professional organizations

* Surveys literacy publications for professionals

* Includes three literacy reports