Get Down to Business & You’ll Get the Job!

The best book on the market to help you successfully execute a job search and land the job you really want. Bishop breaks down the search process into simple, manageable steps. She offers practical, proven advice and the most up-to-the-minute information on everything from writing resumes and online profiles to interview techniques, networking tips and the role of social media in today’s fast-paced marketplace. A top recruiter and business leader who has been on both sides of the search and hiring process, she shares insider secrets of how organizations function to help you stay on track and keep up your confidence despite minor bumps in the road.
Named by Business Week as “one of the world’s most influential headhunters,” Bishop points out ways to stay organized and motivated, capitalize on personal strengths and accomplishments, and uncover new opportunities that will help you land a job and lead to lifelong career success.


Job Hunting Made Easy

— Essential information on the 20 key areas of basic job hunting and office skills.
— 20 quick and easy lessons, with quizzes and exercises at the end of each chapter.
— Expert advice on creating filing systems; organizing your work space; keeping flawless financial records; creating memos, reports, and letters (Office Basics Made Easy).
— Detailed strategies for assessing strengths; networking; surfing the Internet for jobs; winning over any interviewer; creating a stand-out resume; and more (Job Hunting Made Easy).

The Volunteer Project

As a church or nonprofit leader who relies on volunteer teams to get the job done each week, you know how difficult it can be to keep all of your volunteer roles filled. You feel overworked and understaffed, with a budget smaller than your vision. Sometimes your ministry can feel like it has a revolving door, simultaneously bringing in new volunteers as current ones leave. The cycle of volunteer recruitment and turnover can be overwhelming, leading to frustration and distracting from the mission. In The Volunteer Project, we will introduce you to 4 Strategies that, when applied, will launch your church or nonprofit ministry into what we call a zero recruitment model of volunteerism. Formulated from the authors’ research, combined 50+ years of experience in leading volunteer teams, and the feedback of hundreds of volunteers, these 4 Strategies are designed to provide individuals with such satisfying volunteer experiences that they are motivated to continue volunteering, and even invite their friends to join them. Packed with comprehensive research, an online assessment tool for measuring volunteer satisfaction, and real-life stories, The Volunteer Project is designed to help you stop recruiting and start retaining.


The Ultimate Job Hunter’s Guidebook

Offering concise coverage of essential job-hunting and career strategies, this flexible guidebook can supplement any business course or serve as the foundation for a career development class. The Seventh Edition focuses on real-world applications through experiential exercises and hands-on activities that provide a comprehensive how-to for anyone beginning a job search. It delivers practical advice in a straightforward style along with action-oriented examples that can easily be followed. Students are taught to look beyond traditional resources like classified ads to find potential employers. For example, this edition includes a new, information-packed chapter on using social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in the job search. As in previous editions, the text offers many samples of job hunting tools, such as resumes and cover letters from a wide variety of career fields. Students can use these samples as virtual templates, substituting their own information into the established format. Throughout each chapter is heavy emphasis on employing the latest technologies and online tools at every phase of the job hunt. The techniques covered in The Ultimate Job Hunter’s Guidebook will prove useful to students as they embark on their new career and in years to come as they progress in their chosen profession.
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Getting a Job Abroad

With over 1100 websites, hundreds of recruitment agencies, and lots of useful contacts, this book tells readers where there are overseas jobs available, how to apply for them, and how to weigh up the risks and rewards of expatriot living, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. CONTENTS: PART I – Working abroad – an option for you? PART II – Finding a job 1 The search for a job 2 The recruitment process 3 Coming to a decision PART III – Preparation and acclimatisation 4 Preparing to leave 5 Settling in PART IV – Surveying the opportunities 6 Working holidays and work experience 7 Contract work 8 Permanent jobs and self-employment PART IV – The Regions of the World 9 Europe 10 The Arab World 11 Asia 12 Africa 13 North America 14 Latin America and the Caribbean 15 Australasia and the Pacific PART VI – Reference About the author ROGER JONES has worked in a number of overseas countries and now writes extensively on careers and education as well as on living and working abroad. Quotes Practical advice on finding the country where you can make the most of your skills. – ‘The Guardian’ – highly informative – lots of hard information and a first-class reference section. – ‘Outbound Newspapers’ Do your research thoroughly. Check out GETTING A JOB ABROAD. – ‘Cosmopolitan’

Winning Cover Letters

“Robin Ryan is the hottest career expert in America today.”
–Susan Cowden, TV anchor, NW Cable News


With the expert advice of Robin Ryan, one of America’s top career coaches, thousands of job hunters have beaten the competition and landed their ideal jobs. Her innovative and simple step-by-step plan incorporates the results of an extensive, nationwide survey of hiring managers and human resources personnel to offer proven, world-class job hunting techniques and strategies.

You’ll create powerful, attention-grabbing letters, avoid costly mistakes, and learn to sell yourself and your skills to the employers you want to work for. With Ryan’s popular and highly effective Power Impact Technique(TM), you’ll have employers hunting you. This newly updated Second Edition features even more Winning Cover Letters, examples of what not to do, and new chapters on using the Internet, marketing yourself, and much more:
* Fatal mistakes to avoid as viewed by human resources professionals who’ve seen it all
* World-class cover letters that landed interviews and jobs
* Exercises to help you assess your skills and accomplishments
* The writing technique selected by 96% of hiring managers as their preferred style
* A new, special section for top executives-including CEOs, presidents, and vice presidents
* New advice for those in the creative arts, new graduates, volunteers, and career changers
* Tips on writing target letters to catch the eye of the employers you want to work for

“This book is a major breakthrough,teaching you how to easily write effective cover letters that employers will respond to.”
-Mark Tranter, founder, America4Hire

“By far, this is the best book ever written on writing cover letters.”
-Sandy Dehan, HR Manager, Fortune 500 company

“My dream job called after I mailed my first cover letter. I landed the job and owe it all to Robin Ryan’s effective techniques.”
-Marianne Jones, client

What Color is Your Parachute? for Teens

This updated career guide for teens draws on simplified principles of What Colour Is Your Parachute? to help high school and college students zero in on their favourite skills and find a perfect major or career. As a result of the current economic climate, young adults are forced to think about positioning themselves in a career earlier – they can’t just wing it when they graduate and count on getting a job. Furthermore, since the college tuition bubble has burst, teens have to think seriously before they get into debt that doesn’t pay equal dividends in salary later. What Colour Is Your Parachute? For Teens helps teens plan for these challenges, while nurturing their dreams and passions with exciting possibilities. With even more examples of transferable skills and an expanded emphasis on foot-in-the-door internships, this new edition balances nitty-gritty details with big-picture meaning. Richard Bolles and Carol Christen’s warm, hopeful tone is perfect for teens searching for their dream career – and the parents and counsellors looking to inspire them.