Biographies and Memoirs Soviet Ukraine

Biographies and Memoirs Soviet Ukraine Author : Arturo D. Borbon
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pub Date : 2012-06-24
Page : 34
Language : en
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I am a history buff and traveling runs in my blood. Often times I wonder if I was a great explorer in my past life. With the modern age of computing and mass production, exploring and finding the new and exciting has become harder. It takes more insight and a deeper look to find the true gems. When they are found, sharing them with the world is a true honor. Through my travels I often come upon the vintage of past lives. I love the historical aspects of the past. My greatest love is getting a chance to review or own photographs of the past. To me a photograph is a snapshot in time. For that one sec, time stops and it is captured forever. I find it as close to a time machine as one can get. In 2011 I embarked on my yearly travels. I was open to the world around me and to those interesting aspects of life that many oversee. This is how I found the treasure of photographs found in this book. This is about Ukraine and the people who created such a great country… Life in Ukraine from the 1930’s to the 1970’s was not as the world portrayed it. Families still gathered to enjoy their time together, men still did their best to get the interest of a special woman. Military and demonstrations were the thing of that time. And many gathered using the time to get reacquainted with friends and family. Schools weren’t much different than what was seen in the western world and factories steamed along just like their western counterparts. This book is filled with photos from the 1937 and beyond. It provides an insight into what many western countries have never seen, the typical lives of Russian, Ukrainians. These memories are captured as their were seen through the eyes of those who took the photographs…

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