I Want to Work in an Association–Now What???

I Want to Work in an Association–Now What??? Author : Charlotte Weeks
Publisher : Happy About
Pub Date : 2011-08-09
Page : 113
Language : en
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Most people agree that jobs fall into two categories–those in which you work to make the world a better place and those in which you make money. There is a widespread belief that the two are mutually exclusive; you can have one or the other…but not both.

“Charlotte Weeks” shows you that this is only a misconception; that there is indeed a middle road. In “I Want to Work in an Association–Now What ” she draws upon numerous case studies and her personal experience to prove that jobs in the management of professional associations can give you the best of both.

Charlotte believes strongly in the value of professional associations as employers. One of the primary advantages of associations is that their requirements are broad, and they have something for everyone. Whether your expertise lies in human resources, IT, finance, marketing, management or administrative work, chances are there’s a position for you at an association. Of course it varies from one association to another (obviously larger associations have more opportunities), but overall professional associations offer multiple, diverse options.

Another factor in favor of professional associations is that they remain relatively stable in their resource requirements even in uncertain economic times. Typically, they pay competitive wages, treat their employees well and are driven by community goals and the desire to implement social change. Plus, there’s a focus for just about every interest. So how do you go about getting a job at one of these amazing places? “I Want to Work in an Association–Now What ” shows you how.

This book is the career book for people who want to make the world a better place, but without sacrificing normal aspirations, including a competitive salary, workplace benefits and more. Working in an association means you can usually receive income and benefits comparable to those offered by corporations, yet still be involved with an organization that has the mission-driven focus of non-profits. Whether you’re hoping to break into the association industry, are seeking a promotion, or are looking to strengthen your personal brand, this book can help.