Read, Research and Write

Read, Research and Write Author : Caroline Brandt
Publisher : SAGE
Pub Date : 2008-12-18
Page : 248
Language : en
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‘Calling all lecturers: your jobs depend on books like this. You know that international students are a vital source of money for UK universities. Many of your masters courses – the ones you really enjoy teaching – would collapse tomorrow without students from around the world. This book is about how to help these students succeed.’ – Times Higher Education

‘A superb book which contains a wealth of ideas and strategies for use in the EAP classroom or for self-study. It should be compulsory reading for any student seeking to enter Higher Education in an English-language speaking country’ – Alison Standring, EAP Co-ordinator, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

‘Read, Research, Write definitely fills a gap… It is comprehensive, accessible and expertly researched and written, covering many essential aspects of academic competence. Equally useful as a course book, a resource book in a class library or as a reference book for students, every EAP teacher will want a class copy, every ESL student starting higher education should keep it on their desk!’ – Dr Roger Nunn, Senior Associate Editor, the Asian EFL Journal, Associate Professor in Communication, Petroleum Institute, Dubai

‘Read, Research, Write takes a novel approach to combining language and content so as to balance discipline-specific and generic language development. Valuable and engaging input on learning strategies and research skills for higher education is also included. I would recommend this book for teachers of EAP in a range of contexts’ – David Palfreyman, Zayed University, Dubai


This book is for students who have learnt English as a second (or third, or fourth) language, and are studying at an institution where English is the medium of instruction.

Each of its 10 chapters focuses on a reproduced academic article on an aspect of English for academic purposes – students can therefore learn about language skills from the articles themselves as well as developing those skills in the activities and tasks which follow.

Each chapter develops six strands of academic skills essential for successful study: reading; learning language/vocabulary; writing; researching; studying’ and applying to your own subject. The detailed and focused activities and tasks will help you to:

  • Make reasonable knowledge claims
  • Become more aware of university culture and expectations
  • Write according to academic standards
  • Think critically and reflectively
  • Respond to ideas in academic articles
  • Document your work appropriately and avoid plagiarism.

Click on the RESOURCES TAB for extra downloadable materials include a collection of articles from a variety of different sources related to the topics in each of the book’s 10 articles.

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